the top two images is the completed project I mentioned to you earlier - they are both ideas for place cards and table numbers. I like how the top one I did (above image) doubles both as a place card as well as your guest gift - the numbers are done in Bodoni font. I think I should do a tutorial of the the above one just to show you how I incorporated a french seam. I hope you like these ideas.


  1. you always have the most fantastic ideas

  2. I love the last image with the number. 26. By the way, i saw the previous comment in Chinese. Do you speak Chinese?

  3. hi Yanyan,
    no I don't speak chinese - I find a lot of these are spam.

    glad you like the project.
    all the best,

  4. the one you did (I think) #26 is beyond stunning!! I love it big time!!


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