I am amazed at how much can get accomplished in a day - despite taking care of two kids, doing laundry, vacuuming, bathing, changing diapers, playing soccer in the park. there is definitely no napping here. I have too much to do in a day and the only person who gets to nap is piper. some last minute details before set-up at the TOAE on friday a.m. is getting my artist statement printed and mounted and getting my name sign together - john just finished painting my display walls. it's a joint effort around here - that is mainly why things get done. I was contemplating using kraft jewellery boxes for the embroidered badges that will be sold along with my sculptural work - after much experimenting I decided to go with this matchbook idea. I think it works perfectly. I am able to have the badges on display and the cover goes over the badge to keep it clean and safe before it gets worn. On the bottom I decided to sew it instead of using a staple - which makes it a nice detail - these will be sold at my booth and I didn't make many and each one is different - so come by early to get your hands on one.


  1. i love them
    the match book idea is brilliant
    i love when matchbooks contain something other than matches
    see you at the show!!!

  2. They are lovely Arounna and I wish you the best at the show!

  3. Wow, what a brilliant packaging solution. You're so clever. And the little stitch instead of a staple makes it a cut above what was already a top-notch concept. Hope the show goes well.xx

  4. beautiful arounna! Can't wait to see them in person this weekend!

  5. Along with everyone else: the match book idea is brilliant. Perhaps your logo or name on the front would be the final touch.
    Hope to see you this weekend.

  6. These are fantastic! Just lovely little pieces of art (I love matchbooks and use them for my own designs too).


  7. sooo happy i am the proud owner of two of these lovelies. agreed that the matchbook concept works perfectly.

  8. Ooh, these are so delicate and sweet. You always insipire me to try new things. Hope to visit the shop in person when we're in Canada.


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