wow - how amazing was the response for the giveaway - thanks to all of you who visited and left a comment and all the birthday wishes. Despite the G20 craziness in our hood - I still managed to enjoy my birthday with friends and family. the giveaway goes to tampopo press and because there were so many comments I chose a second winner - I will be giving away a bird tea towel and small pouch to dee beale. please send me an email with your shipping address. above is an image from one of our tea breaks - a work day is not complete without tea. thanks again everyone. xx


  1. Happy Happy birthday aounna!!!
    You have had an amazing year and next year is destined to be even better.
    My life is richer just knowing you.

  2. Do you know who made the mug? I keep seeing this work ever once in a while but would love to find a name and website if at all possible...

  3. Amazing colourful design on table. Is that intentional or just left overs from your work? Beautiful whichever way.

  4. Congratulations to both winners they are lovely prizes. Hope you had a good birthday.

  5. Yes, congrats to the happy winners and thank you for the game. This picture is gorgeous. It makes me want starting some project immediately, ah-. tamara

  6. Happy (well, belated) Birthday, Arounna ! When I'll come visit Margie, I hope to meet you too :) Have a wonderful week ahead.

  7. the mug is made by a quebec company called ceramique ERS - she doesn't have a website. I have several of her pieces - I normally get them at the one of a kind show here in toronto.

    the fabric on my table is my drop cloth when I'm printing - I always think I should make something from it.

    It will be great to meet you Sonia.

  8. margie you are the sweetest

    looking forward to friday.

  9. Even your tea breaks are totally beautiful! I hope you had a great b-day!

  10. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    Shame not to win the lovely items myself ( ;) ) but my prize was to get three great new blogs out of the giveaway - yours, tampopo press and dee beale - yay!

    Thanks once again :)


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