thanks to everyone who visited me at the workroom - what a fun day it was - I manage to sell all my fabric and supplies and the big hit was alphabet seconds - I sold out of them so fast. Sorry to those of you who wanted one and missed out. Maybe there will be seconds on the next batch. Above are some fragment pieces I have been working on that will be assembled together for my show next month. My technique is closely related to needlepoint.


  1. it is always a pleasure to be in your presence for an afternoon.
    I love my new bag.
    and am already thinking of things to do with that large piece of industrial grey felt.
    These pieces are really great.
    Although I do think the three little guys in bottom right of the top picture look a lot like spermatozoa:)
    well it is almost father's day

  2. These are stunning. I'm excited to see what you will do with these pieces.

  3. Love the colors...so beautiful.

  4. arounna! I wish I had more time to come chat and hang with you! I didn't even get the chance to see your trunk! I heard there were so many good things!
    I can't wait to see what creations you make for your show!


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