check out dorie's new installation at queen specific - more on the work:
Dorie Millerson
Slow Movement
18 June – 6 July 2010
*QueenSpecific, next to Dufflet Pastries at 787 Queen St. West, Toronto
Slow Movement depicts a streetcar made of lace, suspended and seen within its own web of threads. The streetcar, both an iconic Toronto symbol and a slow method of traversing the city, dictates the way the streets are used and provides us with fascinating spiderlike networks overhead. The title also alludes to the growing international movement for recognizing the importance of slow work, labour and experience in reaction to the speed of contemporary consumer culture.
*QueenSpecific is a window exhibition space displaying site-specific art installations. It is located on Queen St. West adjacent to and sponsored by Dufflet Pastries. Artists exhibiting in the space are asked to consider the dimensions of the window, the locale and the potential to engage with the casual passer-by.
*QueenSpecific is programmed by Toronto based artist Joy Walker.

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