I drove in last night from Montreal - we did it in five hours- we left after the show - not recommended for everyone. I am pretty tired. I got home at 1am after dropping off my siblings. Piper woke up and cuddled for a little bit and fell back asleep. I will post photos of my trip later on. It was a great show and trip and I will apply for the fall show and hope I get in. One of the big reasons I took this trip was to give bookhou more exposure to a new audience and we were a big hit. Thanks to everyone who came to the show and being polite with my limited french. above are some images of terrariums by litill - the glass are hand blown. I try my best to take care of plants and these terrariums make it look easy to enjoy succulents.


  1. i bet montreal fell in love with bookhou

  2. so pleased you had a great show!
    Isn't Montreal GREAT!!!
    Have a great week...relax and re-cupe


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