hope you all had a lovely weekend. we were restful and creative this weekend. the set sale will be up within the hour - there are some great deals to be had - get them quick before they get snatched up. Our friend Art (husband of Barbara) came by on friday to take an impression of a 121 year old manhole cover - it will later be casted in metal - this is john's project and I think it might be a small table. Looking forward to seeing the results.


  1. wow! 121 year old manhole!
    I love how the impression is made!
    Is he rolling clay over it?
    I can't wait to see the result either!

  2. hi Celine,
    it's plaster-cine - I think he will be doing a positive with plaster and than casted in metal.

  3. amazing process
    can't wait to see the results

  4. great blog, i'm enjoying everything here :)


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