it's funny last week we put in a new furnace - we did it this year and not right away since there were other renovations that took precedence and it is scorching out. I was saying to john how nice it would be to have air conditioning instead - but our plumber gave us a really good deal since we are installing it off season. I am busy working on so many different projects and just finished working on a design for a lovely couple who is doing our DIY bride workshop. I am excited to see the printed result - will show you pics later. Also I will be doing a special workshop in-conjunction with the Paper Place - will give you that info later. You won't want to miss it. Above is a piece I am working on that involves the anemone image, but it will be turned into a three-dimensional object after I finish embroidering it. in other news - john and his friend bob has broken up all the concrete in the backyard and taken the garage wall facing the main building down. I am excited to see the results - this is a long awaited phase two of our renos. I will take pictures tomorrow of all the concrete. I am already having fantasies of lemonade, a good book and bbq's.


  1. that embroidered work looks amazing arounna
    can't wait to see you too

  2. your work always makes me smile.


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