there are times we experience unkind people. As I get older I try to not take things personally and let it blow over. When I get home and see this face all the goodness comes back.


  1. I'm sorry you experienced unkindness, and so glad you have such a lovely one to come home to.

  2. Thank you for this - I know how you feel. I am going through something similar - someone has created a total misunderstanding about something and not found out the full facts and been quite unkind about it! Getting over it now though!

  3. Life is way too short for unkindness...tail wags to all.

  4. i am so sorry when someone as kind and sweet as you has to experience negativity and ugliness
    but it seems like you have the perfect cure for it

  5. it's sweet to have this cute face for comfort and goodness.
    she is so adorable!


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