here are some out takes from a photo shoot earlier last week that involved having me be in front of the camera. Something I am not totally comfortable with - but John Cullen (check out his blog with great photos of telephone booths) was pretty amazing and made it all seemed second nature. I will show you the end results when the article comes out - some of the photo shoot involved the things I talked about in the article - boy he made my sewing machine just glow and I love the photo of the scissors - his is much nicer than my quick snap. When he was photographing me - lliam was wandering around and a bit enamored with the camera and equipment that it was suggested that he be in the photo with me. I know I look a bit un-impressed and squinty- I think I was just a bit nervous.


  1. You are a beautiful, creative & super talented woman Arounna! Thank you for sharing these pics with us :)

  2. I'm really curious about this article.
    But John Cullen's blog is very interesting.

  3. i second what geninne said and will add best teacherto the list.
    Oh and mother of the cutest kids!!

  4. Wow! your sewing machine looks amazing in this photo! can't wait to see the final results!
    the scissors shot is very cool


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