today was such a beautiful sunny day - I went for a walk to G&S Dye to buy some screen stripper and emulsion - I am working on some new designs for the OOAK show - I took the kids with me and it was a nice hour of just enjoying the day. When I got back Barbara came to visit and do some letterpress printing tests from her new plates. Can't wait to see what she does. Awhile back I showed some of the shapes we are working on for the new pendant lights and while we were working lliam made his own version from cardboard scraps and masking tape. I really like his - there might be a lliam version in the works.


  1. great design liam
    very eco and modern at the same time

  2. Compliments for such an eco-simply- elegance :-)

  3. when I first saw the photo I thought it was a maquette you and John had made for the lights - what a talented little guy.

  4. this piece is beautiful - hope you do make this.


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