today was insane - it was lliam's first day at pre-school - he was so excited that he refused breakfast and was insistent on having his hair combed nicely. My little guy is growing so fast. We had our plumber in to remove some pipes, put a faucet in the backyard and to put in a laundry tub in john's studio. It was loud and smelly(soldering fumes) all day. John's parents came down to look after piper and I had a whole day without small people hanging on my leg and riding my back - it was so productive, but I need a few more days like today to get caught up. I was at Harbourfront all day yesterday for the textile reviews, it was really nice chatting with the residences - seeing what they did in the past year and discuss future plans and ideas. They are all so talented. I had a few plates made for me for some new letterpress cards and I have been busy printing business cards and wedding invites that I havn't had a chance to play around with these new designs. The above image is called "tableware" and it turned out so delicate and perfect. I can't wait to show you the printed version. Have a great weekend - south western ontario is getting some amazing weather. I wore sandals today.

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