the opening on friday was a lot of fun - john and I decided to take the train rather than driving - not only was it pouring rain, but it was during rush hour traffic. John's parents babysat the kids and it was a nice evening out just the two of us - which is a rare occasion. Surprisingly there was a lot of people I knew that came to the opening - thanks to those who braved the weather to come. Hamilton is such a nice place - a lot of character and history in the architecture. When we came in from the train - the view of the harbour was beautiful in the dark pouring rain - I tried to take a picture, but all I got was raindrops.


  1. sorry we couldn't come, rain or not, but I'm glad there were lots of brave people who showed.
    and what a great idea to take the train! who needs rush hour traffic?
    hope the show does well...

  2. rain, rain , rain
    after three days in boston I know a thing or two about rain.....

  3. Hi Arounna,

    I was at this show and new there was SOMEthing familiar about the work.... I'm a friend of cait harbens! we met at the one of a kind show before Christmas....but it was not until I was checking out your site again that I realized that it was your work at the print shop!

    great stuff! especially the lovely teardrop things. I live in Hamilton just up the street from the print studio I wished I'd stayed longer to say hello and reintroduce myself.

    I was gifted a lovely little house basket made carefully by you from Jane for Christmas and I love it so much....it sits on my desk and houses my favorite balls of wool and all my wooden knitting needles.

    Thanks so much for showing your lovely work in my new home of steel town.

    Anna Taylor


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