I feel like I am in a bit of a haze - it's been a busy few months and I only have three more weeks to make work for the OOAK- I sew till 1 or 2 in the morning - and than getting up early with the kids. I spend most of my days with piper on my back - thank goodness for baby ergo. So many changes in the kids and they seem needier than usual - or maybe they sense the urgency to get things done. Lliam is pretty much accident free and I think I can say completely toilet train - never thought we would get to this point and piper is pulling herself up a lot and will probably be walking soon. She climbs the small steps in the shop (where we can't put up a gate) - it makes me a bit nervous, but she is very cautious. The image above is one lliam took standing in my studio shop looking into the shop. I still dream of making more decal work on glass or ceramic pieces. Maybe after the craziness I can concentrate on making this work a reality. Have a great weekend - it suppose to be really warm - the snow is pretty much all gone.


  1. You astonish me each time I visit your blog, and it seems Liam has inherited his parents' talents. Everything you show of his is just lovely.
    Have a lovely weekend, and I hope you get a bit of a break soon.

  2. thanks for linking me the other day. I can hardly wait to print those images!
    let me know if you need help during the show...

  3. your children are growing so quickly and they are already showing so much parent instilled talent
    I am wishing you much strength and energy.
    You are amazing!!


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