this was the scene on our coffee table - folding and packaging online sales - thank you for your support- it is much appreciated. I am grateful that most of the items we ship out are not breakable. I don't envy glass or ceramic makers. I got a chance to photograph our set of mini cards - made from off cuts and comes with glassine envelopes. I am torn about cutting paper for tags, the look of the shipping tag is just so lovely . I will be putting them up on the site soon - as well - I will post more new card designs in the next day or two.


  1. Beautiful! And so pleased to see how many sales you've been making!

  2. i can't wait to get back into your studio for another workout
    all your cards and designs are beautiful arounna

  3. Your letterpress is so prolific and inspiring. I might start using my table top press soon! keep up with the good work and congratulations on the success!

  4. So lovely! I must tell you that you contributed yesterday to my *Best Mail Day Ever.* Wonderful packages of fabric arrived from Japan, Austalia, and Canada, an amazing photo from Philadelphia via CraftHope, and my husband keeps reminding me to add "the purchase and sale agreement for our house!" I sat on the sofa with all of those bundles and savored them slowly - best were the tiny extras tucked in from Japan and the fabulous remnant bag from Repeat. Each piece was duly admired, touched, and then carefully replaced in its sweet bag to be admired again today. Thank you! Your creativity brightens the world!


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