in my letterpress workshops - one of the first things students will do if they are figuring out what to do is to print their names. I always try to get them to try the blind impression before we ink up the press. A few weeks ago - it was suggested that I offer this as a service to do custom name notecards - it's standard practice that other letterpress printers are doing - I like that it's a fun and simple way to customize your notes. I came across suann's work - and like her sensibility. Also see her custom initials with wood type. I like the blind impression a lot.


  1. I was fortunate enough to have free access to a press in high school and a teacher who like collograph printmaking, I never knew them as blind impressions, just running the plate without ink. There is something so poetic to the term.

  2. they look great - and that envelope pouch presents them so nicely, like opening a gift everytime you send a note to someone.

  3. Love the blind impression too! this is where I would like to start with my press, just type on white is so elegant. The linen bag is what also make the final product so special!

  4. arounna, such a lovely idea
    off to get mine!


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