this fri. and sun. I will take some time off to attend Dorie Millerson's workshop on Three-Dimensional Needle Lace - what a great way to spend two days - Dorie is a wonderful person and artist - I'm so excited! (above is one of Dorie's pieces) some new gauze kokka fabric over at purl soho.


  1. I would love to be at that workshop, and her talk as well! say hello for me.

  2. I knew this had to be Dorie Millerson's work the second I saw the image.
    How was the workshop.
    Amanda Mc Cavour is doing a talk too this Saturday

  3. the workshop is this coming weekend. The talks are great - they are all free - I think.

  4. i adore her work from the moment I first saw it a few years back
    I even attempted to teach myself the basic technique
    If I didn't have to go to Ottawa this weekend I would sign up for this workshop in a flash.
    Now I will have to rely on you to teach me what you learn.

  5. Thank you for showing her work - I've just had a look at her portfolio , it's wonderful!

  6. I love these fabrics - they remind me of Louise Bourgeois drawings or Agnes Martin paintings.

  7. Dorie's work kills me! The first time I saw it I could think or talk of nothing else for a week. A picture of that little house sits in my studio reminding me of her delicate genius!


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