I have been so busy lately - and that's the way I like it. In retail January tends to be quiet, but we are very lucky being busier now than at Christmas time. Our letterpress stationery has been such a great hit here in the shop and online (thanks to everyone who bought work) - I had Davis in all day today helping me print an order that is going to the Paper Place. I am really excited for an upcoming show that I will be doing at the Print Studio in Hamilton at the end of February (it will also coincide with the James Street Art Crawl) - they have a two gallery space and the adjacent space will be occupied by Emma Nishimura - I am a big fan of her work (above images) check out her website and enjoy. The work that I will have is a paper installation as well as some collage pieces that will incorporate printmaking. Will show you some w.i.p later. I also started at Sheridan this week and will have to remember to bring my camera to photograph drool worthy studio spaces.

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