here are the carved linos I showed in a previous post mounted and printed - depending on the detail and paper you can get a pretty nice impression. I find the lino size needs to be small and have some details to make it an interesting print. Sometimes people do too large of an image and it doesn't have good ink coverage - but I don't mind it when it doesn't have a super clean print surface. You would need to do a silkscreen to get a large flat surface. The surface quality of the lino is very similar to when you use wood type. I will be showing you are new letterpress stationery line next week. We have always had silkscreen cards, but the letterpress printing has such a nice tactile quality. As with all our work we use our drawings and designs - I think that's what makes our work unique.


  1. I have done reduction printing with lino on a table top press and it was so much fun - will you be doing some?

  2. yes - we will be doing some reduction prints - I am thinking about doing small editions of multi-coloured prints. Still working on what images they should be.


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