Dorie's three dimensional needlepoint workshop part one Dorie's workshop was very inspiring - the workshop started with the history of lace and about her own practice. She taught herself how to do the lace making - what's interesting about what she was teaching us was to create three dimensional forms from this technique - in the image that red cross is going to be a little cube - I will show you part 2 after Sunday. We will be working on our own designs with Dorie's help. I am planning to do a pod shape with finer thread and a wee bit smaller. Dorie's work is also in the vitrine cases at Harbourfront - she made a needle point trompe l'oeil bow - the photo I took doesn't do it justice - if you have a chance check out the show - along with other great work at the York Quay Gallery.


  1. Hi Arounna, that's great you took the workshop with Dori, I have known Dori a long time, we used to work together. She is so talented!

  2. i love all these glimpses
    if you ever hear of her doing another workshop please let me know

  3. oh, wow!!! i always wanted to participate a needlelace workshop!


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