on weds. nights I teach an adult printmaking class at the AGO - it runs for 10 weeks and it's an intro to several printing techniques - I keep forgetting to take pictures - I finally had my camera with me. This process is similar to etching (dry point - we don't use any acid)- they scratch into the plexi-glass to create a line drawing and the coloured bit is done using washi paper (called chine-collé). The class is a lot of fun - will try to take more photos - there are only three weeks left.


  1. I almost smell the ink, want to go back to my schooltime
    I do not have the place at home to print again.

  2. the lamb & robot are so cute:)
    didn't knew you can do dry point on plexi! it must be fun to do

  3. Sounds like a great class. You captured some great work.


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