letterpress workshops

here are a couple of lino pieces I've been experimenting with - the lines are so crisp with letterpress printing. I will be holding letterpress workshops in our studio/shop. The workshop will introduce you to letterpress printing on a C & P Pilot platen press. You will be able to make your own stationery or cards using wood and lead type - as well you will be able to carve your own lino block or use the ones we have pre-carved. No experience required.


  1. Hi Arounna,
    Have you also thought about selling these pre-carved lino blocks? They are cool!!

  2. did you carve that house??
    it is amazingly detailed
    Sign me up!!

  3. hi margie,
    the lino was laser cut - I did the image in illustrator first - it's a great way to get details without carving it yourself. We will have some nice ones already pre-carved for your own use alone or combined with text.

  4. These look really wonderful. I am interested in a typography/letterpress course or workshop. Are you still offering any?

    John Reardon


  5. sorry we are no longer doing them


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