the middle of the week is always so busy since I spend three days out of my week teaching at OCAD - so when Thursday comes along I feel like it's my weekend. Next week is going to be exciting, because my new friend the C&P Pilot platen press will be making it's home in our studio. I have so many things planned for it and will share that with you later. Last night we went to the opening of necklace - it was a great turnout - the department and Marina did a wonderful job - worth a visit! Above image is some work by Aganetha Dyck - she does wonderful collaborations with honey bees.


  1. I am so excited to use your new C&P Pilot Press! kidding.... I'll use it later.

  2. That is amazing! (the beework) really beautiful!

  3. these are so magical! thank you for sharing them.


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