I am not super woman - juggling different aspects of my life--I think parents who are on their own are completely amazing for raising their family on their own - If I didn't have john I would probably be curled up in a ball in the corner eating tubs of ice-cream - things can get really hectic here - okay insanely crazy. It was one of those days when your trying to entertain these two children and work at the same time - it can be done - most of the days. It's funny how heat added to the mix just makes it worst. There was crying and screaming and wanting to go to "the the nice park with the trees - not that one" and "there's ants in my sand box" and piper mumbling (whining) something and began rolling and rolling and got a leg caught on a table leg and began a full on screaming fit - and lliam joined in - and then I yell to john for help and we take each into a separate room to calm them down - and then.....silence.


  1. Tomorrow you can smile about it. Even the kids are young, they know how to say 'I love you' and I want you to look at me, to play with me, to do what I like...
    We can be parents in different ways: and love our children, our partner and our talents. Life can be complecated but beautiful.
    (oh, how difficult to tell it in a different language)

  2. i think that you are superwoman!

  3. wow, that photo is priceless and your description of a hectic day with young children is perfect. My boys are older now (13 and 17) so the craziness in our house is different, often involving loud music, soccer balls bouncing off the walls, and heated discussions about the merits of note taking in class...

  4. You are still superwoman to me
    but superwoman with two beautiful real live children
    and a very sweet husband to help out

  5. A wise woman once told me "When it comes to raising children, the days are long and the years are short." How true - some days with children are much harder than others but each one is a blessing. You have a beautiful family and this pic is just priceless!

  6. Glad to know you are a real human just like the rest of us and not just the superwoman I knew you were!


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