there's lots of different ways to create a repeat for your fabric printing. Some of my patterns start as doodles and I enlarge them on the copier really big, so they have a fuzzy loose quality to them. I knew another designer that was the opposite - she would draw big and shrink things down - the pattern above will be available at repeat very soon. I did a combination of photocopying and cutting and pasting. I usually make several copies and lay it out like tiles to see how they work together. I had a nice visit from Roisin today - we are so excited for everyone to see our new fabrics.


  1. I was working on a repeat today, but really, I'm pretty clueless and my technique consists of hours of trial and error!

    Looking forward to seeing what you and Roisin have been working on.

  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I'm just now starting to design my own fabric. Love your designs.

  3. love hearing about your process... it's amazing how many different ways there are to do things. Can't wait to see your new fabric! You're creations are always so GOOD!

  4. i think I will be in love with all your fabrics.
    From what I have seen they are amazing.

  5. thanks for all the sweet comments - I am so excited to have the website complete and to show you what we've both been up to.


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