I've spent the weekend getting things done for repeat - it's coming along and the launch should happen in the next few weeks or sooner. These are just some of the super adorable buttons I will be selling. Roisin informed me of all the different ways to fold a fat quarter. I especially like this one - it keeps the fabric from fraying. It is just pouring outside - it's been the summer of rain and cloudiness. Also stay tuned for a repeat giveaway.


  1. i am in love with those fabrics
    and I think we are going to get another downpour any minute

  2. It's raining cats and dogs down here too. Cant wait till Repeat opens :)

  3. Hey, that is so funny to see,i had the same button project in my mind! i only don't have the time to do it :-). The fabrics are really wonderful, love the buttons!

  4. Love the way those fat quarters are folded, and your buttons are so cute. They're my new favourite things to make at the moment.


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