we trekked out to the area where everyone gets lights, fixtures, tiles etc. It's in the Caledonia/Eglinton area mostly on Castlefield road. We were looking for a door and some glass light fixtures for the shop. It's worth a trip to the door store - and much more. The past few days it's been sooo hot - we don't have air conditioning and it's becoming unbearable. To top off the heat the city of toronto has a garbage strike. My father-in-law came into the city to pick our garbage and my sister-in-law's - what service - thanks Doug! I remember there was a garbage strike five years ago and let me tell you our streets did not look or smell pretty.


  1. if you want to escape the heat or the smell you are always welcome to camp out on my porch.
    We are going strawberry picking this weekend:)

  2. look at all those old wooden drawers - i could fill them all with all the stuff i have!
    you should really move to london - no striking here, everyone is very complacent.

  3. Margie I will come and visit soon - this wholesale order is keeping me busy.


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