I had a pile of napkins waiting to be printed and sewn - here is one of the designs - I call the print leaf tree and it's printed on hemp and organic cotton. I will post them on the site soon - but you can pick up a pair at the shop. I have also decided the clouds and raindrops will be cut with a CNC machine - trying to figure out ways of making things without killing ourselves. When john returns he will need to build up his strength and shouldn't be fussing with raindrops.


  1. This design is gorgeous. I love simple lines. K

  2. I love this design!!!

  3. Beautiful! Interesting, I know cabinet shops use CNC machines...can't figure out exactly how you'll incorporate it's use...is it just to cut your design and then use it as a screen print? I totally understand the part about figuring out how to do things without 'killing yourselves'.

  4. very pretty as usual. glad john is recovering well. take care of him! - martina

  5. Hi Laura,
    the CNC would be for the wood items - like the clouds and raindrops and houses. I would still have to do the screening by hand. thanks for your comment.


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