as some of you may know - john is not well and is slowly recovering in the hospital. Thanks for all your support and warm wishes for a speedy recovery. On thursday I usually do an inspire series - I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about the most inspiration person/artist/designer I know - I will try not to gush because john is a very private person. John is a quiet, witty, humorous and smart person. He is a great father and husband and is my best friend. He is my biggest supporter and best collaborator. He has a wonderful and supportive family and amazing friends. I send you lots of love and get well soon.


  1. I am so sorry arounna, I had no idea.
    Please give John all my best healing wishes and if there is anything, I mean anything my family or I can do to help you out please do not hesitate to call. You have my number.
    Now I know why you and john have been on my mind all week.

  2. Wishing john a speedy recovery, and sending healing thoughts.

  3. I hope that John recovers soon. Best wishes to you all.

  4. Arounna, I'm hoping all is well. Sorry to hear this news.

    I've loved your home tour on Apartment Therapy. So much space, and such incredible windows. Beautiful.


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