spring one of a kind show

one of a kind show - some images of booths that I saw (I'm partial to texiles) - it was nice meeting up with friends and chatting about business and life. one of my must visit was to see Roisin - I posted one of her lovely dresses below - she has a great sense of colour and design - it's hard not to fall in love (thanks for the lovely gifts for ll&p) I met Aneela at Sheridan - one of the nicest people I've met at the school - she is currently an artist in residence at Harbourfront and will be one of our featured artist for the month of june - I look forward to the work she will be showing. a booth that caught my eye was the work of Kessa of Patouche - this was Kessa's first OOAK show and she did a great job merchandising the work and the great fresh designs - I particularly loved the tree made out of her remnants (I know the photo doesn't show how beautiful it looked) check out her website - such beautiful product shots. I'm sure we will see more of her work. Great chatting with you Kessa! it was great to see Meghan's new work as always - I wish I had a room in my house that looked like her booth and could choose a different bag each day to wear. Hoping to collaborate with you soon!


  1. Those bags are beautiful. Lovely. I went to her site and loved the Ellington bag. Not too badly priced either; but I just bought a new Hayden Harnett bag during their crazy spring sample sale. :)

    I'll have to keep these in mind next time around.

    I visit your blog a lot, but hardly comment. You are so talented. Love your designs. I wish I lived close enough to come to a screen printing workshop. Why can't you be in Winnipeg? That's only a couple hours north of me. haha

  2. thanks for leaving a comment - I enjoy your blog as well - patterns are so addictive!

  3. hi arounna, thanks for the nice feedback...so tired after the show but had to write that funny enough i bought a beautiful mug from aneela and did a trade with Roisin for a dress (very simlar to the one posted below). now let's just see if i can part with it and actually give it to my daughter!

  4. Sorry I missed the show . Thanks for posting some of your favorite textile work.

  5. thank you for posting about my booth, arounna, i'm very flattered. It was great chatting with you at the show - i can't wait to collaborate!

  6. it was great seeing you and the new little miss as well, and kessa, the feeling is mutual! I have lovely patouche gifts that I'm hoarding.

  7. YAY for Kess and she's coming to our neck of the woods in just 2 weeks.
    I can't wait to meet her at our Mamas and Chicks Spring Show this year!
    Great write up about the OOAK show...


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