I'm not sure if you know this about us - but we make everything by hand. For the textile work - we do our own images - print and sew the products. Sometimes this task can be a bit daunting and repetitive, but I enjoy it. One of the other things I enjoy is doing labels and hang tags - I bought a stamp with our name on it and proceeded to stamp it on everything. I am also starting to stamp the name on the inside pocket of the bags - I really like the look of the stamped image on fabric - inspired from seeing these fog linen pieces.

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  1. I do such a double take when I visit here! This reminds me of my tags so much! The first thing I did when I started last year was yo order a stamp (in lower-case courier). I've printed it on twill tape and Kraft paper ever since. I never tire of this aesthetic and seeing it here makes me love it even more!


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