I always rely on john for helping with ink colours since he's the expert being a painter. I know what colours I like, but not good at pulling it off. I wanted a colour that was a fresh green for my sprig print that will being going on storage boxes.


  1. I think he found the best color to call spring back... beautiful fresh print.

  2. I love the freshness of that green . It reminds me so much of the fresh ferns in the forest in the spring.
    I started playing around with some embroidery on my silkscreened stones last night. Lots of fun.

  3. Arouna,
    I've always loved your work(I followed you through bloesom kids, too)and your aesthetic. Through Margie's time with you, I feel like I've gotten an even clearer sense of how much I'd love to come up to Toronto for one of your classes... maybe someday! She pointed me in the direction of your post today... after seeing mine. I smiled so wide! Please come visit and see my green printing on linen...today! I think the ache for spring is universal...

  4. this is a really fresh green, one of my favourite greens.


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