my parents arrived from France yesterday afternoon - and I had to take this picture, because every time they visit they always bring baguettes - my mom is convinced that good baguettes only exist in France. The circle ceramics piece in the corner is a favourite of mine from Xenia. Also I got an email from Maaret of a blog called visual notes - she wrote some lovely things about my upcoming show at Rare Device and posted some of our wood work. Thanks Maaret you have a lovely blog.


  1. Arounna, I'm happy, you like it!
    Have a good time with your parents!

  2. It also cracks me up how when you're flying TO France, you get baguettes, but when you return, you don't (in my vast experience of flying to Paris twice in the past 20 years!) (or maybe I have it backwards...)(I do distinctly remember that it was only one way both times!)

  3. Ok, that looks tasty and cracking.
    But I wish that people will be able to fond great baguettes in Matane, Qu├ębec, Canada... :)

  4. Fantastic image ~ and really makes me think I should go to the market tomorrow and pick up some baguettes from an Acadian bread maker, some local cheese and local wine. Yummy!!!
    cheers, Lala


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