I know I always say were busy here, but we are - lliam is with us 24-7 and John and I split the week - him working three days at the gallery and me two days teaching and the other time it's cut, sand, sew, print - answering emails and talking to clients and accomandating studio visits. I know that I would get more done if lliam was in daycare or had a sitter, but we all enjoy being with each other - lliam is a great little helper handing me buttons and john nails. I've been concentrating on making work from our baby collection, but couldn't resist trying my new prints on tea towels and cosies. There is also a new little pouch. Please have a look and have a great weekend. These are some new chairs that John has been working on - unfortunately some of these are one offs, but the one on the right might be a low production piece in the future. We've had requests from Asia and Europe, but the shipping would be too much. If you ask me John is really enjoying working out ideas on this small scale. The chair on the right with the removable felt pad was made steam bending the ash wood. I sometimes have to remind potential clients that we make everything - we design it - we fabricate it- we distribute it- we wish we could out source - any takers? I hope you enjoy this messy and fun project - lliam really enjoyed the charcoal. Please check out the project over at bloesem kids. I just returned from the post office - such a great feeling mailing things out. It's been a busy few weeks processing orders and making work for the OOAK show. One of the new stores that will be carrying my work - on the recommendation of Lara is Cocoon in Launceston (Thanks Lara and Suzanne) - special good news today - I received an Ontario Arts Council grant for my sculptural work - I will be working on a new body of work for a solo show. Will update you during my process. well we are slowly getting back to normal here - I really enjoy a good cup of tea - this is my favorite cup to have my tea in - it's by Alison Cude - what makes it a good cup is that it keeps the tea warm and is comfortable and inviting to your mouth. The image on the right are mobiles in progress. I also wanted to tell you that we were mentioned in this weekends article about fabric and textiles in the Globe and Mail.

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