new pouches and storage box

I just got an email from Laura and I sent out the giveaway. I have some new wallets and a new storage box I wanted to show you. I will put them on the website later today. Starting this friday I am going to be showing you images in our sketchbooks. do you think this is appropriate for a baby? I think I might need to add an elastic or some tie thing.


  1. That storage box is divine. I could see it housing a knitting project beside a sofa - lovely balls of wool and some needles sticking out of it.

  2. all very gorgeous as usual. Love the little shoe very much :)

  3. The shoe - how lovely! Perfect for petite feet . . . but maybe a bit of elastic or strap so it doesn't get kicked off :)

  4. yes yes, thes are the sweetest baby slippers i've seen!


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