highlights from the t.o.a.e

firstly - a big thanks to john and lliam for helping at the show and to everyone that came by and visited and purchased work. I am also happy to mention I received the best fibre award. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite work. It was somewhat overwhelming, since there was around 500 booths and such variety. I felt the chosen works stood out for several reasons - for their artistic approach, choice of materials and execution of work. I talked to several artists and the consensus was that it was a successful show despite the last day was a wet one. Below is an image of my booth. Pia Israelsson - glass Judith Geher - Painting Lesley McInally - Ceramics Maria Litvin - Fibre (maria_litvin@yahoo.com) Jeff Garcia - Mixed Media Amanda Burk - Drawing Robin Tieu - Ceramics (robin.tieu@gmail.com) Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell - Printmaking Susan Szenes - Painting Amelie Proulx - Printing Dawn Petticrew - Ceramics Norah Deacon - Fibre (norahdeacon@gmail.com) Z'otz Collective (Nahum Flores, Erik Jerezano, Ilyana Martinez)- Drawing (zotzcollective@yahoo.ca) Suzanne Carlsen - Jewellery (suzanne.carlsen@gmail.com)

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