shadow alphabet

this shadow alphabet is by Domi Mora - documenting a building by Enric Miralles in Spain - the bottom quotation is by Alfabeto Huesca in 1994 "The photos by the anthropologist Domi Mora that make up this alphabet are of the fleeting shadows created in various parts of the Huesca Sports Palace, built between 1988 and 1994. The alphabet project grows out of Miralles and Tagliabue's interest in shifting the customary viewpoint when photographing architecture. To do this the Palace is variously contemplated from between trees, pillars and fences, or from a worm's-eye view. In other photos, the alphabet ones in particular, attention is paid to both the abstraction of the light and shade and to the figuration of the letters. The architects, then seek to portray not just a building but its effects; in short, to present a more complex idea of it. When photography goes beyond the traditional limits of vision it thereby forms part of this complexity."

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