the process of changing the leather on the bags and rephotographing and reposting is SO much work - I usually do it in spurts as I make new things but to re do it all at once takes a lot of time, but I'm glad to do it, I always think that some of the photos need a refreshing and your ideas change on how you see things, for example I use to be all about the really white background but using a dark has highlighted the richer quality of the materials, which I love.

I have a new bucket tote - soon I will be listing more patterns (this is my most popular bag at the spring shows) I think it's because of it's versatility to be used in your home and for everyday.  I really like the flat bottom.

I also revised the carry bag - tan to the new leather and I decided to make the two handles a bit shorter, because I thought that the longer handle already allow for wearing it on the one shoulder or across your chest.  the new leather works so well with the waxed canvas.  I remember just after the holidays completely stressed about hearing that the leather I have used for 5 years was no longer available and I felt I couldn't replace it. and now after using this new leather for a few weeks and seeing how it has transformed the look of my bags I don't know why I was so concerned.  the quality of the bridle leather is unmatched.


  1. the images are so beautiful. i love the waxed canvas bags. waxed canvas is a material that i would love to work with one day.

  2. these are wonderful
    the bags AND the images!
    i even want her shoes ;^))

    wishing you a fine weekend
    with greetings from the grey Netherlands
    Patrice A.


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