I'm really excited to finally have my hand carved spoons available for purchase
these took time to make and I am a bit sad to see them find new homes, but I thought the up side is that I will have room to make more.  

I will have them available today starting at 12pm EST 
I really like how the photos turned out, a shout out to my sister-in-law allyson for modelling the spoons :-)

in other news - I was really happy to get news that for the S14 one of a kind show bookhou will be inducted in the shows hall of fame.  we are so honoured to be acknowledge by the show.  the show was a great place for us to start and grow our business, so if you are paying a visit to the spring show (which is happening in a few short months) there will be a display and more info about our journey.

have a great weekend! - today is 0 degrees celsius - woohoo - that's almost balmy :-)


  1. i can only imagine they will be sold in minutes. Their shapes are so organic and beautiful. Which shop are you selling them in?

    1. thanks margie - it will be up in this section http://www.bookhou.com/collections/wood

  2. Bookhou deserves to be in the Hall of Fame! Congratulations! The spoons are so gorgeous!


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