there is around six weeks left before the ooak show and it's been really hectic in the studio
in-between getting orders out I have also been trying to build inventory - this past week it's been a lot of cutting day and night and next week will be mostly printing, leaving the last few weeks to sewing.  I find that cutting and printing needs to be done in an organized manner and the sewing can start and stop much easier, so leaving that to the end is better for us.

thanks so much for all your calendar purchases, we will be working on the grommets and packaging today and it will be sent out on monday as promised.

this week I had my first renovation indecision that involved ordering flooring for my studio three times (so much back and forth), I had a very patient husband and contractor because it's not light carrying things back and forth.  I know that when I feel unsettled about something it's not right, so even though the cost of nice hardwood floors cost more I felt that there was so much work involved in renovating the studio that I wanted it done right  the first time.  I also still have a huge hole in my backyard - the construction came to a halt until we got one more permit which might be done in a week, so insulation was put on our temporary walls and the floors in the studio will get installed very soon, so that all the rads can be hooked up again.  

I hope that you have some great things planned, I am hoping to find time to take the kids to the new aquarium that has just recently opened up, just a short walk from our home. 
enjoy your weekend !!

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  1. cant wait to take lili there too. She loves fish. I think hardwood is the best for your studio.


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