I learned a lot yesterday 
don't voice your feelings about copying publicly
especially if you don't have the stomach to deal with hateful people

 work can be copied freely and apparently it's okay to do so

people can be real cruel and mean 
virtual bullies have no place in this world

I take away from this that I will always be filled with ideas, my own not others


  1. Been there and I know it really hurts . Sending you virtual hugs and real love.

  2. I can only think their anger and meanness has come from being caught out. Boo to them. My best wishes to you and John.

  3. Sorry to hear! But that is how people are... Everywhere.
    Good to remember that there are some decent people left in this world... Lots of them...

  4. I've been there too and one lesson I learnt is that it doesn't need guts to face those kind of people, in fact you don't need to face them at all, if the copy is blatant you need a solicitor. If it's not you can keep going with your ( full and wonderfully creative) life. Don't get tangled in negative emotions, these people are NOT worth it, they are energy suckers. Spiteful things, because at the end of the day they know deep inside that what they do is wrong, yet they do it because they lack of any ethics and have a huge ego that feed them righteousness.
    Your designs are yours and I buy from you.
    Big hug from England.

  5. So sorry that your beautiful work has been copied. You are so original and creative, and your work really shines out. I'm sorry that you have had to deal with such unkindness Arounna. Sending you a cyber hug also.

  6. Hateful Bullies are everywhere, and apparently the internet is a good screen for them to hide behind.
    You are an artist.
    They are not.
    You are hardworking and successful.
    They are lazy and unimaginative.

    Sending you a hug too.

  7. I agree with what Alessandra so wonderfully said.
    Maybe you know the saying ... "karma is a b*tch if you are". They'll get what they deserve, at some point or another.
    Sending super big hugs xoxo

  8. Hello,
    I was sorry to read your blog entry this afternoon. I am not sure why people choose to imitate. I am an Engineer by day, not an artist, but I love to make things and be creative. I follow your blog and blogs like it (Gennine and Resurrection Fern) because you each inspire me. I get charged up when I see your awesome work and how prolific you are. To me you have such a beautiful and unique style. I am sorry for you. I do want you to know that I admire your work and I surely hope you will continue to share your talents with us. We are so lucky that you do!! Thank you for all you do to make this world a more beautiful place. May God bless you and your family.

    Susan Libertiny =)

  9. I am sorry it has happened once again! An artist should be inspiration to others but then one has to find their own way!I hope things will clear out!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. My stomach turns every time I see another imitator out there on the internet. I've discovered copies of my work, too and I know how difficult and painful it can be. But you're right - you can sustain your art with your own ideas. I feel sorry for those who can't.

  11. just remember all of us who dont mind paying for high quality, original works of art because we know beauty when we see it!!

  12. oh Arounna, I am so sorry. I too cannot stomache confrontation or hateful people, even if afterwards I can think of a thousand things I wish I had said...

    You are an artist, a maker, a worker, a creative, a work-a-holic from what I can tell from your blog ;) and a unique and beautiful person. You are giving inspiration to people (like me) everywhere who are watching you build your dreams with your own two hands from the ideas in your own beautiful mind. We all love you and your work. Let this person fall away from you. Don't be sad for yourself - YOU have beauty inside of you and outside of you. Let's be sad for this person, who does not have their own beauty and who instead has anger and pride. It is a pity for them, really. You just look forward and keep moving that direction, your direction,... people like this are doomed only to follow.

    Much love and healing to you! xxxooo

  13. sorry for your hurtful experiences, but I loved your words 'I will always be filled with ideas, my own not others'.
    keep creating - your works are awesome x

  14. You, Geninne, Lisa Congdon, Kelly Rae Roberts, and so many more - I can't help but think part of the reason this is happening is our wonderful technology. I use the term wonderful both with sincerity and facetiousness. Some of the copying is being done by major large corporations (Cody Foster has copied Lisa Congdon and others. Hobby Lobby has copied Kelly Rae Roberts). Somehow I think that the copying of fellow Etsy-ers upsets me even more, because it speaks to those people as being extremely insecure in their own worth and talents. And this insecurity results in them lashing out in self defense, which they translate as being mean. I applaud you going after these people (although I think it may be time to have a lawyer on retainer, as mentioned above). You know how much I love you, your family and your work. I am so sorry that you have been hurt by these small minded people. Rest assured, your loyal followers will always stand up for you and support you in every way we can. You truly are an original, and no one can take that away from you. As you continue to grow and create, the imposters will never be able to keep up, nor will they create the beauty and warmth that can come only from your hand. Keep going, Arounna - we are all here behind you. xoxo

  15. So sorry you've been through this, I agree with la casita's comment above that you mustn't let the energy suckers get you down. I've been there too and I went into a downward spiral over it. Keep one step ahead!

  16. I hadn't realized you were going through all this, so sorry to hear it. The Internet gives so much benefit, yet can also let leash monster-like qualities of some people due to anonymity. Wouldn't it be great if there were cyber police to lock up nasty people or at least make them sit on the naughty step until they were ready to apologise?!
    Like you say, you'll always be ..."filled with ideas..." all true artists are. And quality craftsmanship and originality like yours will always have a following. A benefit of the Internet is that people like me and others commenting here can buy from you from far, far away. x

  17. It is sad that it doesn't even surprise me anymore what people will stoop to behind the screen if the internet, from mean words to copying work, to worse. Sorry to hear this has happened to you again - I hope you're able to keep doing your thing and always know you've got much better ideas while they are just trying to follow.


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