yesterday was probably my most productive day in a long time
I got so much done - including the 2014 paper calendar.  here's a little peek
if you will be visiting me at the qwac on the weekend you can pick one up, I will also have them online starting on the weekend.  I am going to be doing a very small run of a french version (for the puces pop show) or any of our french speaking friends that want one.

the photo above is currently the state of our backyard - it's being dugout in a few days, it's an exciting time for us and we are also anxious to get walls up before the cold weather hits. my beloved japanese maple is now on the roof and enjoying the sunshine.


  1. we had frost yesterday morning so you had better get them to hurry it up . Love your new paintings

  2. The calendar is lovely, any plans for a journal? I want a beautiful one to jot down ideas (for a blog) that are flowing out of my mind. Right now I'm using my 7 year old's leftover Hilroy exersice book from which I ripped out the first 4 used pages. I would really love something a bit more inspiring...


  3. Beautiful, all of it.

    I love japanese maples, what magical creatures!


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