I always like to look at things around me and find beauty and texture on the surfaces
after the end of the work day I went to take photos of all the piles of debris from the roof, our building was built in 1880, oh the life this building must of seen and now more changes.  I also wanted to mention that they have taken most of the roof off and now we have leaks in certain areas of our place from the rain last night, but hopefully they can resolve it today.


  1. i was thinking of you when it was absolutely pouring almost the entire night. Stay dry my friend.

  2. Love these images! I hope your leaks get fixed.

  3. In a blink of an eye you'll be enjoying all the beautiful renovations. Remodeling is always such a pain but time flies friend. I still can't believe we've been living at our new place for almost four months now :) Hang in there A!


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