so we were hit with a pretty big storm and we had two black outs and parts of the city was flooded. aside from a small flood in the basement we are all back to normal. during the black out the kids were a bit freaked out that the lights wouldn't come back on and even though I assured them, they didn't seem convinced.  we got some pizza and had a picnic on the living room floor and spent most of the time staring at the people running in the rain and then we spent time cuddling in bed together.

the other photo is my studio just as the lights went out, and I was completely freaked out, because I was just starting to get caught up and most of my work gets done at night and the thought of nothing being done really put me in a panic.  the other photo was taken by monique on instagram (@moonrox_ca) those dark clouds were pretty ominous. if you go to @christinaobuch instagram you can see her video of her drive home

hope everyone in town made it home okay.


  1. Thank goodness all my visitors are travelling today and not yesterday. The weather gods are very restless these days :(

  2. The photos and videos have been incredible to look at. My brother lives in Scarborough and says they are fine there although the drive home from downtown yesterday was very difficult. My sister lives just east of Toronto and is fine. We had a power failure earlier this week that was due to forest fires in Northern Quebec (a long way away from us). Everything seems so fragile recently.

  3. We had crazy thunder last night and lots of rain. A lightning blew out lots of phones in our neighborhood and it fried both of our modems :( Glad you guys are ok and weren't affected by the flooding. I personally LOVE rainy days the most :)


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