hello friends
I hope you had a great weekend, we got home in the afternoon yesterday from a few days at the cottage, lliam had been there for a week prior to us going and he spent some time with his cousins. It was a cool weekend and definitely not beach weather, but piper and lliam insisted on hanging out on the beach.  j caught the carving bug and started a few spoons too.  It was really nice to catch up on some sleep and hangout with family, but it was hard leaving my mom at the house to tend to folks coming and going during the renos and other shop matters, so that might be my last trip to the cottage until the renos are done. hopefully j can still make it up there with the kids. 

is it july almost over? - geez time is flying this summer - one more month and the kids are back at school.

I hope you had a great start to your week so far.


  1. oh to be a child again and never ever feel the cold. I want summer back, not the humidity but at least the sunshine.

  2. Oh, that sunset through the clouds! Incredible beauty! So glad you had a chance to rest a have a little recuperation.


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