thank you to everyone who visited us at the puces pop show
it's always great to visit montreal - it's truly different from toronto and it's nice to experience different food and sounds.  a few pictures from the trip via instagram.  I didn't bring my big camera since I'm always afraid I'll loose it or break it.  we broke up the drive by staying at adam's cottage in prince edward county. it's a cozy cottage on the lake.  we managed to squeeze as much inventory as we could in the car and drove early friday morning so that we could spend a few hours shopping and wandering before set-up time at the show.  I was so happy to see people who live in montreal that read the blog or follow on the other social medias. since the first few days were hot the venue was like a steam bath, but since I had a bit of a cold I found the humidity good for my throat. the pocket bags sold out at the show and iveth from the angry weather took such a nice picture I had to post it with the set.

thanks so much for entering the giveaway
congratulations goes to belinda 
(please email me by the end of the business day, or another winner will be chosen)

I will start making the carry bags since the buckles and "d" rings have arrived. I didn't make this style for awhile because it was really hard to find the perfect hardware and I am so happy to have them for these bags.

enjoy the start to your week! xxa


  1. the carry bags are gorgeous!

  2. Congrats too to Belinda! (lucky girl!).

    Sounds like a great weekend in Montreal, love the pics.

    My parcel arrived this morning, love it all, and thanks SO much for the extra!

    Diana x

  3. Love Love Love those tiny bow bags <3

  4. So happy you had a lovely time

  5. Oh wow, thank-you so much for the wonderful giveaway Arounna. I am one lucky lady. :)


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