my house is such a mess these days with workers walking through and unattended housework, I find that I will spend hours cleaning up and minutes later a mess begins again, so discouraging.  as I'm writing this I am also staring at my pile of laundry that I should fold before working in the studio.  I sorta look forward to renovation chaos because it's also sparked some major purging and it will also allow me to reorganize things and make the space even more usable.

I added a few new pouches - the caramel leather pouch and a large pouch in the grey triangles with tan waxed bottom.


  1. don't forget to purge a few things in my direction :)
    and remember anytime you need a break from the mess , my home is your home. xo

    1. your the best, thanks for the offer

    2. p.s. piper is just getting into my little pony, still annoyed with the women who took the whole container from your garage sale, I said I only wanted one and she refused.

    3. i will keep my eye out for some for her at garage sales and thrift stores

  2. Hang in there Arounna! One of my friends told me that the way she deals with reno chaos is to just put a tarp on it. (almost as pleasing as "put a bird on it") :) xo Michelle Y


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