I know that it took awhile to get this bag online - but it's finally ready - my new favourite bag
the CARRY bag
I have made it in the tan waxed canvas, triangle flowers and crosses, I will have other prints in the near future - I hope you love it too!
tonight j and I will have a little break and have a date night, so handy that my mom is around for  last minute babysitting.

happy first day of summer and enjoy the sunshine this weekend!!
see you back here monday


  1. I love the zipper & the two kind of handles !
    Have fun tonight with J !

  2. ahhh i think i might need to rethink what to ask for for my birthday! this is like the perfect middle ground between my large triangle tote and small day bag. wow i sound like a bookhou addict.

  3. enjoy the movies and the extra long daylight hours xo

  4. Love it! Enjoy your date night A! :)


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