finally the linen tea towels are complete
I love the look and feel of them and so happy with the change in fabric

this week has been a catch up week with online orders and slowly building up inventory again
I have made a decision to wholesale a few of the home goods line and the pouches
so if your a shop that is interested please email me

I don't know if I told you that we are also doing work on the facade of our building, but a new window was put in this week and I feel like I live in a bigger space, I can't wait to take photos and show you.
this month is my birthday month and and the countdown is beginning for the big 40!! and I am kind of excited and also a bit nervous, I can't believe how time flies and how much I still want to accomplish.

I hope you have been following me on instagram and facebook - I try to have different content on them both and it would nice if you could visit me there too.

have a great weekend friends!!! xxa


  1. the first picture is great (they are all, but this one is especially beautiful).

  2. I am a big big fan of your fabrics. Shame there are not more of such textiles. Have a nice weekend, Yna

  3. i would follow you anywhere and everywhere
    in a good friend sort of way.xo

  4. oh I love them so much in linen, they are gorgeous!

  5. eeek they are so lovely!! what a great job!!!
    happy weekend

  6. Simply gorgeous, as usual!! I love seeing the reappearance of the pattern in the second picture, towel on top. That is the pattern of the first thing I ever purchased from you, and it accompanies me every day to work and home - I love it!!!

  7. All of your towels are to die for ! I so love the first print.


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