today is a busy day packing my bags for puces pop in montreal 
there has been a change of plans - yesterday j was ill and could not travel so I had to scramble to make it to the show - taking the train with two big duffle bags by myself was not an option so I asked the organizers if I could share my table with crown flora - so adam, davis and myself are headed to do the show, I am still a bit under the weather too, but the show must go on.  even though my table will be smaller but I will still have loads of great things like this new leather clutch and pouch (which I love and need for my own collection) this leather is quite beautiful and I hope I can find more. If I do find more I will put them online.

visit back tomorrow for  a giveaway!!


  1. late spring / summer illnesses can be so unforgiving. I do hope that j recovers quickly and that he has lots of help caring for l and p over the weekend. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    1. your sweet for offering, yes he has my mom helping

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry J was not well enough for travelling, and that you're yourself not that great. I wish you best of luck for everything. Montreal people are very lucky to have you there !!
    xoxox Get well soon, friends !

  3. Sorry to hear you guys are a bit under the weather, hope you two feel better soon. Much success at Puces Pop! Hugs n kisses xoxo

  4. Best of luck in Montreal!

  5. Hope the trip is successful for you all and that the whole family gets and stays well!

  6. Love the new leather goods, Arounna. Hope you all get well soon. Wish I lived close enough to help.

  7. sounds like a fun weekend (except for j! :( )

    the cognac colour of these pouches is amazing.


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